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Cabinet Governing in Malaysia

Cabinet Governing in Malaysia

Diskripsi Buku

Cabinet Governing in Malaysia
Bahasa Inggeris | 394 mukasurat | Publisher: DTP Enterprise (2006) | ISBN-10: 9832397103

THIS BOOK narrates how the Government works within the inner system of Cabinet governing, Malaysian style. Beyond that the reader gets a glimpse of the politics of government, a highly competitive and complex coalescence of power, people and the law within an administration willed by politician and run by civil servants.

This work exposes a fairly wide-angle vista of various organs and aspects of government that hair administrative relationships with the Cabinet or Jemaah Menteri — the highest and most powerful government council in the land.

What is the Cabinet all about? What are its limitations and capabilities in handling bureaucracy? Does it really serve as the all—powerful executive body of the government that the public perceive it to be? Or is it more of a mechanism that design what the Prime Minister wants? What is the true bearing and relationship between the Cabinet, the Judiciary and the Legislature? How supreme is the Parliament? What are the bounds and schedules of duty of a Minister? Can a Minister override the precept of collective responsibility? Is the Chief Secretary really a secretary or an all—powerful civil servant in a system that often surpasses ministerial powers? What is the actual relationship between the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Cabinet? These and many other queries are answered in this important work- the first of its kind.

The hundreds of photographs in this book contribute towards its wholesome nature and act as pleasant reminders to those who are familiar with the writer who is himself an avid amateur photographer.

Dr. Rais Yatim puts to good use the benefits of his far-ranging experience in government and politics. His work is an engagement covering a period of more than three decades under the patronage of five Prime Ministers. In the light of Malaysia’s developing history, this work will stand out as a first-hand treatise. It is a major work of government in Malaysian setting. II has ingredient from which a classic is in the making.

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